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About MCT
MCT’s mission is to save lives through the use of the latest mobile, wireless and monitoring technologies. We develop software and integrated hardware systems for both military and commercial use that allow automated response to emergency situations.

The mission of MCT is simple: Save lives!

Founded in 2009 with the express purpose of offering solutions to problems that have been with us for a long time. Throughout history there have been times when the right technologies combined at the same time to produce revolutionary new products and services. The light bulb, the automobile, the transistor, Microsoft, Apple, and Google just to name a few. This is one of those rare moments.

In just a few short years, smart phones have become an almost indispensable part of life, having crashed into the mainstream with their increased computing power, storage capacity, and artificial intelligence algorithms.  From the iPhone to the Microsoft and Android based platforms, smart phones have rapidly moved into the personal computer range of capabilities.   

MCT's products are designed to work in conjunction with smart phones to bring about a revolution in life-saving technologies. From its cutting edge military products aimed at reducing the loss of life of soldiers already in harm's way, to those intended for civilians and designed to tackle problems like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, child drowning, and heart attacks, MCT has only one goal; Save Lives.

On the military side, MCT's Tactical Array Ground (TAG) communications systems are designed to monitor both the health and exact location of personnel, friendly and non-friendly, vastly increasing the our soldiers' ability to efficiently and immediately analyze and respond to threats and coordinate troop communications.

MCT's civilian based products, including our patented Emergency Automated Response Systems (EARS) are designed to automatically notify emergency personnel if an emergency situation occurs without a response from the user. In fact, unlike today's products, which require user input (such as pushing a button), MCT's products do not require any input from the user. MCT's products include those designed to monitor an individual's vitals, such as pulse oximetry, heart arrhythmia (ECG/EKG), glucose levels, histamine tracking, and blood composition. 

All phases of the product are being expanded and developed simultaneously due to the open ended architecture of our product and its ability to set parameters for automated emergency response notification. The common component of all of these phases is our core life saving applications.​
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