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Our patented Tactical Array Ground ("TAG") communications systems, can allow for tracking of not only friendly but unfriendly targets as well. Once only the realm of science fiction, the ability to track not only the exact location, but also the actual health conditions of troops during an engagement in real time has finally become a reality. With the use of our integrated components both field communications officers as well as Tactical Operations Centers (TOC)  can see and track structural and troop movements as well as actual threat / no-threat individuals, including built in fail-safes for friendly fire situations.  
T.A.G. System
MCT Advanced Sniper System (M.A.S.S.)

MCT has produced an Advance Sniper System ("MASS") that will enhance the ability for active personnel to determine target locations and help in preventing friendly fire. This advanced patented system is the cutting edge and unlike any other targeting system available today. It not only allows a sniper team to evaluate situations they can see better, but also allows them to take full measure of situations they can't see by linking other observational points with 3d / 4d imagery from other field units and devices. 
Our first Military application deals with upgrading a very familiar icon. For the past 150 years Dog Tags have gone nearly unchanged. Their primary function has been to help identify wounded or dead soldiers in the battlefield. It’s time for a paradigm shift in how we think about dog tags. Image a world where the acronym MIA no longer has a meaning. This is the promise that MCT holds for our troops on the ground.
Targeted-Automated-Response-Ground-Elimination-Technology. This system utilizes automated ballistic origin tracking radar attached to third party systems that accept targeting coordinates. It can detect the origins of incoming ballistics and automatically direct systems like CROWS (Common Remotely Operated Weapon Stations) to aim and if need be fire on threats automatically. Automatic Return Fire saves both military and civilian lives by targeting only the actual threat. 
 TARGET System
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